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Roatan Tours is a website dedicated to promoting touristic activities and educational tours on the island of Roatan.
— Roatan Tours Team

Top Operators

Roatan.Tours works only with the most experienced and most qualified tour operators on Roatan. We simply will not recommend a tour operator that isn't established and well versed on his or her craft.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Roatan.Tours is committed to putting our customer's experience first. Unlike many local operators, Roatan.Tours we are prepared to issue a refund if services are not provided as described.

Logistics. Confirmations. Accountability.

We add value to your experience by 1) supporting the logistics of activities booked on our website, 2) confirming reservations ahead of your arrival, and 3) we hold tour operators to a higher quality standard on every tour we sell.


Have Questions? We have Answers.


If you have questions before booking a service, please, don’t be a stranger. We are here to help and we pride ourselves on being responsive. Ask away, we’ll get back to you quickly. Thank you again.

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